Month: May 2011

Review- “Live at the Carleton” – Grayowl Point

Note to every band or solo artist who has yet to record and release a live album: this is the way to do it right.

David Myles, the man behind last year’s well-received Turn Time Off, played four shows at the Carleton Bar in Halifax. Little did he know, all four shows were recorded and he decided to release his live album based on that.

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Reviewed by Michael

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Toronto Star

David Myles’ everyday brilliance
Toronto Star – May 23, 2011
David Myles, a self-described “tall, skinny dude with glasses,” doesn’t think of himself as skilled in the art of seduction. But he’s selling his musical talent way short, as he proves in this live set.

Myles himself is a dab hand at rhythm guitar, but it’s this New Brunswicker’s aw-shucks stage patter and honest, witty lyrics that seal the deal. From the opening “Need a Break,” these boys — including crack backups Alan Jeffries (lead guitar) and Kyle Cunjak (double bass) — use their mastery of old-fashioned blues,

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