Month: October 2011

The Cannon – Feature

After winning the hearts of Canadians with his album Turn Time Off, Singer/Songwriter David Myles has released another incredible album entitled Into the Sun. David Myles describes Turn Time Off as “more of a night time album,” but his newest album sheds light on a whole new day and a whole new style of music.

While producing songs for his new album, Myles found a common theme emerging. Many of the songs were drawing upon influences south of the equator,

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The sounds of Paul Simon and Jack Johnson aren’t that far away during David Myles’ folk walk down memory lane, but that’s okay: who doesn’t like a little nostalgia every once in a while?

Besides, there’s more than just traditional folk and rock on Into the Sun, the Nova Scotia-based guitarist’s sixth album. He teams up, for the second time in his career, with Canadian hip-hop artist Classified to prove that even folk artists can transition to other genres with a simple drum machine and some classy horns.

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Hi folks,

It’s been a wild few weeks. Had a great time in the UK. Did some shows in a beautiful rural part of western England. Really great. Then after some sweet days off in London I headed up to Scotland to play at the Americana Festival in Glasgow. From there, I was homeward bound for only a couple days before hitting the road again. Off to Vancouver.

On Wednesday, I flew out west with my good friend Classified and his crew to play at an event called WeDay.

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