Month: March 2012

What's on your playlist?

David Myles has a way with a phrase. How, for example, could the witty and life-affirming meditation on aging When It Comes My Turn have come from a man who was only 25 when it was released five years ago? You can’t underestimate Myles’s knack for melody, either: just listen to Turn Time Off, which draws the connection too seldom made between mellow performers like James Taylor and the sweet soul inspiration of Sam Cooke.

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Rolling along

Hi folks,

It’s been one heckuva busy few weeks but all is rolling along beautifully. Had a blast with the Valentine’s Day ecard promotion (thanks for sending those along, I hope you dug the song!) spent a few great days at the North American Folk Alliance in Memphis, and just spent some time in Toronto singing and hanging out with my good friend, opera singing superstar Measha Brueggergosman. Good times.

Now I’m getting set for some really wicked shows coming up in March.

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