Month: November 2012

North Shore Outlook Editorial

Truth be known, it’s not so hard being on a three-month tour with a baby.

Though it may be a little cumbersome at times for the new mom.

“It’s been busy for our band and, when you add a baby on top of that, it can really step things up,” New Brunswick musician David Myles said. “My wife has been amazing. She has to carry the load for most of the day and the night but it’s been really nice just being together.”

Keeping a routine since the tour started Sept.

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David Myles makes the North Shore News

David Myles, Friday, Nov. 23 at 7: 30 p.m. at North Vancouver’s Centennial Theatre, part of the Electric Evenings series. Tickets: $30/$27, visit

David Myles is no stranger to touring.

Since releasing his debut record in 2005, the hard-working Maritime singer/ songwriter has clocked countless miles in an effort to bring his award-winning music to audiences of all kinds, earning him a place in the hearts of many.

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Excellent music — plain and simple

Note to Langenburg Arts Council: If you have an opportunity to bring back David Myles, please do so. I and many others, would really appreciate it.

From the many performers that I have enjoyed, courtesy of the LAC’s Stars for Saskatchewan performing arts series, I now have a new favourite.

Judging from the responses I have heard since Myles’ Friday evening show in the George Layh Theatre, I am not alone.

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