Month: May 2013

There's Something in the Air

How’d I Ever Think I Loved You is one of the leading singles off of David Myles’ newest album entitled In The Nighttime, produced by Classified. Since this website is based out of Fredericton, as is David Myles, we feel comfortable saying that David Myles is a pride of Fredericton. With a mellow, Buddy Holly-esque singing style, mixed with modern folk/rock songs and acoustic ballads, it’s no wonder why David Myles is making such an imprint on the Canadian music scene.

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Myles finds his Inner Ninja

David Myles Metro 650

Having spent the majority of his career crooning around rural Canada, Fredericton native-turned-Halifax resident David Myles could have never imagined that the first Juno win he’d be associated with would be for rap recording of the year.

During what can be described as a whirl-wind-weekend at the Junos this past month, Myles’ career took a giant leap into the national spotlight. Speaking to him less than a month after his song,

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