Month: May 2013

CBC Music Sessions: David Myles and Classified

Class and David_small

Classified and David Myles, soaring high with their hit Inner Ninja are making the most of their success with a string of new collaborations. CBC Music brought them into Studio H in Halifax to show off their latest work.

For Classified this session was upfront and personal. While an intimate audience of 45 attentive listeners might be in David Myles comfort zone, for Classified this is new territory. With nothing but a microphone and a lot of talent,

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Grayowl Point Reviews In the Nighttime

Would it be too much to call David Myles one of the most prolific love-song writers in Canada? As he says in an intro to a song from his Live at the Carleton album from two years ago, he “write[s] a lot of love songs… A whole lot of love songs.” And indeed In The Nighttime is more or less exclusively love songs.

Which of course isn’t a bad thing at all. While Myles’ songs occasionally throw in a cliché or two (like “Is there a shot/A shot in the dark” from “What Would I Have to Do” or “Some say love is as blind as a bat” from “How’d I Ever Think I Loved You”) the sense that listeners should get from his work is one of earnestness and honesty.

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David Myles Not Afraid To Expand His Sound

Fredericton native David Myles may be a little more chipper than his usual self these days. Already arguably one of the friendliest musicians to hail from Atlantic Canada, Myles has a lot to smile about these days.

He has a brand-new record set to drop on Tuesday, just two days before his performance at La Caserne in the Dieppe Arts & Culture Centre on Thursday.

In The Nighttime is an ambitious double-disc undertaking,

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