Month: May 2013

Info-Culture Reviews In the Nighttime

Including “En decembre” a duo with Lisa Leblanc, this lively album will given you moments of pleasure. It’s a double album that brings together the two personalities of David Myles, the sensual crooner and the energetic performer.

David Myles has forged his own path, simultaneously pop, folk, and soul music. Winner of many awards, he who has crossed the country from east to west has built a reputation as unparalleled performer. David Myles is recognizable for his voice which is full of soul,

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Fleur's Find: David Myles In the Nighttime

David Myles is not just a sharp dresser, he is also a five time Music Nova Scotia Award winner, five time East Coast Music Award Winner and most recently [a] 2013 Juno awarded winner for rap recording of the year “Inner Ninja”.

Although the Halifax-based, Fredericton-bred Myles is now back home in Halifax to celebrate his new CD, In the Nighttime, he still no doubt feels the pressure to deliver on his latest collaboration.

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Metro: David Myles never thought his first Juno would be for a rap song with Classified

Having spent the majority of his career crooning around rural Canada, Fredericton native-turned-Halifax resident David Myles could have never imagined that the first Juno win he’d be associated with would be for rap recording of the year.

During what can be described as a whirl-wind-weekend at the Junos this past month, Myles’ career took a giant leap into the national spotlight.
Speaking to him less than a month after his song, Inner Ninja,

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