Month: August 2014

Pre-order your copy of It's Christmas

Here it is, my friends, my Christmas record!

I know it’s summertime, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I am so excited to share this with you. You see, I’ve always wanted to do a Christmas record but I wanted to wait ’til I felt like I had some great original songs, had found some cool lesser-known Christmas songs, and had developed a unique way of singing and playing a few of the classics.

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Journal Le Nord Cotier, David Myles: When two artistic personalities collide

Active for more than 10 years in the music business, David Myles is one of the artists to explore different musical avenues. An artistic proposal that allows it to be both a crooner and a popular artist. Originally from Nova Scotia, singer-songwriter shows up on the North Shore to perform in cabaret August 29 at 20h at the Salle Jean-Marc Dion.