Month: February 2015

CBC: A little David Myles love for Valentine's

_MG_0510-2Aw, who loves ya, baby? You know it’s loverboy himself, David Myles. He’s a sucker for sentiment, especially holidays, and he has a special thing for Valentine’s Day. He wants to plant a big smooch on the whole world, and what better way than a musical gift for all.

He’s laid down a new, acoustic version of his cut “I Wouldn’t Dance,” from his album In The Nightime, and is sharing it for free.

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A Song for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!! As has become a tradition, we have a little love
song treat for you. Feel free to share it with as many as you would like!
It’s a newly recorded acoustic version of “I Wouldn’t Dance”. I recorded
it with my band in January and thought you’d enjoy it!

You can stream the song below or download it directly to your computer by clicking here.

All the best,

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