Month: November 2015

Calgary Herald: David Myles is The Gift with his holiday showcase

By Dan St. Yves, Calgary Herald
Photos: Dan St. Yves


Sam Phillips would have loved David Myles.

The rock pioneer that helped launch the careers of icons like Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis would have picked up on the uncanny abilities Myles has to channel, not mimic a cohesive selection of roots influences into sounds that bring back another era by simple virtue of his honest stylings.

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Indie Mono: “I’m a sucker for 50s records”

The canadian singer-songwriter David Myles has released his 9th album called ‘So Far’, the first one to be released on the US. Look how happy he seems with his banana.

By Carlos, Indiemono

David Myles presents his new album ‘So Far’, a selection of some of his best acoustic songs recorded with his band. A pure and natural sound that takes the audience closer to the warm atmosphere his live sessions have.

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