Month: March 2016

Calgary Herald: How to launch a new album the David Myles way

By Dan St. Yves

riley-smith-photographer-2Photo by Riley Smith

I received an e-mail back in early March, as did likely most anyone who had previously subscribed to David Myles’ newsletter updates. The e-mail contained the typical update for fans and subscribers — Myles had a new release coming out, Here Now.

However, the kicker was in the way he was letting early word of the recording get out,

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Thanks for taking part in #TheBigShare!

Well The Big Share has been a mighty success! And fun as heck to watch. Starting with five people, my new record Here Now has now spread throughout the world. Mongolia, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, throughout the US and all over Canada. So cool. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the map at Also, I must say I’ve loved hearing people’s enthusiastic response to the record so far! Classified and I worked like crazy on this one so I’m thrilled to hear people are digging it so much.

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David Myles: back to his ‘roots’

By Chris Funston, The Edson Leader

0B1A6747David Myles will be performing at The Red Brick on April 7.

You may know him from his collaborations with Canadian rapper Classified, but David Myles has his own voice and his own unique style.

Myles appeared on Classified’s single Inner Ninja in 2013, though the duo have been working together since 2011. The single went triple platinum in Canada,

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