Month: April 2016

Beatroute chats with David Myles on his new style and sharing his music

By Robyn Welsh, Beatroute


David Myles has explored the world of music through listening to different genres and making records spontaneously, amalgamating whatever music he surrounds himself with at any given time. His new EP, Here Now, is fittingly how he feels both here and now. A take on contemporary pop music sewn together with Motown, Smokey Robinson, and classic soul, Here Now, is the musical offspring of Myles with frequent collaborator,

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Exclaim! previews Here Now

By Sarah Murphy, Exclaim!

East Coast music man David Myles reworked some of his past work last year for the U.S.-only compilation So Far, and now he’s ready to unveil some totally fresh material on a new EP called Here Now.

The six-song set hears Myles diving head first into the world of pop music — a focused departure from the jazz, latin, country, folk, doo wop and bluegrass sounds he’s also explored in his career up until now.

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