Month: September 2017

The Chronicle Herald: David Myles summons the spirit of rock and roll on Real Love

By Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle Herald

The stripped-down and fired-up sound of David Myles’ new album Real Love is tinged with nostalgia for classic rock and roll, but its arrival this week was announced by a most up-to-date method: animated GIFs.

While the guitar twang and railroad shuffle of the lead-in track Night & Day began perking up the airwaves in recent weeks, images of the bespectacled singer doing his best Elvis-style hip shaking in a red blazer and bolo tie began popping up in fans’ Twitter feeds and Facebook comments,

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Real Love is here!

My friends, the time has come!! Real Love is here for your listening pleasure! As I have said leading up to today I had an amazing time making this record. I’m really proud of it and I’m so pleased to now be able to share it with you. Hope you like it. Don’t be shy, dance to it, sing to it and share it with your buds!!  

Thanks, as always, for the incredible support.

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Bob Mersereau reviews Real Love

By Bob Merserau, Top 100 Canadian Blog

My first thought on hearing the lead track Night & Day was wondering what kind of effect producer Daniel Ledwell had used on Myles’ voice to make him sound like a vintage rockabilly singer. It turns out, apart from a little reverb, he used nothing. That’s because Myles, after a little vocal work on his tired pipes (he tours constantly), he has returned to his more natural range,

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