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David listed as one of the TOP TEN FOLK ARTISTS TO WATCH IN 2016 in the New Times Broward Palm Beach

By Lee Zimmerman, New Times Broward Palm Beach

While the perpetual cynics hem and haw that great Americana music is in scarce quantity these days, 2015 proved such assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Several new artists emerged from a variety of stylistic realms, proving emphatically that there remains a wellspring of excellent contemporary folk, country, soul, and Americana performers just waiting in the wings. Here then, are our picks for those who warrant be watched in the year ahead. (more…)

“It’s Christmas” reviewed by the LA Times

By Randy Lewis, LA Times

We assume that fans of R&B diva Toni Braxton or holiday rock juggernaut Mannheim Steamroller will snap up their holiday albums. The challenge this time of year, every year, becomes separating the Yuletide wheat from the chaff and pointing listeners to those collections with something to offer those not already converted. Among the new releases below, those rated with three stars or more should fill that bill.

David Myles, “It’s Christmas”.

“The Canadian guitarist and singer brings genuine humility to his collection of holiday classics, a couple of below-the-radar covers and three originals, applying a Chet Atkins-like instrumental acumen without a shred of exhibitionism. Totally refreshing in its low-key charm.”


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