The Star: David Myles on how to make a non-cheesy Christmas album


Singer-songwriter David Myles talks about making a Christmas album that doesn’t suck in advance of tonight’s performance at the Harbourfront Centre Theatre.

The dreaded “Christmas album” is a deserving magnet for cynicism at this time of year, particularly during a moment in the history of recorded music when Christmas releases appear to be one of the last surviving breeds of albums that people actually buy.

Even the Grinch-iest of Grinch hearts couldn’t help but swell a size or three, however, whilst watching David Myles delight a truly catch-all, age-inclusive crowd of noon-hour Moncton shoppers into depositing donations of cash and dry and canned goods aplenty into the bins erected around the Champlain Place food court on the third and final date of his “Singing for Supper” charity tour of New Brunswick shopping centres two Fridays ago.

With that performance, this year’s Singing for Supper jaunt handily bested last year’s take of $7,800 and 850 pounds of food donations by raising an impressive $11,660.19 for New Brunswick food banks, according to a Dec. 6 Tweet by one @mylesdavid.

So when the impossibly amiable, Fredericton-raised singer-songwriter explained over a quick nibble afterwards en route back to his adopted home base of Halifax that his new holiday album, It’s Christmas!, was essentially conceived as a logical outgrowth of, and pseudo-advertisement for, the seasonal fundraising campaign he’s taken to Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton for the past five years, he earned a free pass to keep on singin’ as many carols as he wants, in perpetuity.

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David talks It’s Christmas with The Ottawa Citizen

David Myles

Myles to go: Halifax singer croons for Christmas

In 2012, Halifax singer/songwriter David Myles teamed up with Nova Scotia rapper Classified to record Inner Ninja. The single went quadruple platinum in Canada, won multiple awards including a Juno for rap recording of the year and inspired Myles to hire Classified as one-half of the production team on his last album In the Nighttime.

Now Myles has a new album, It’s Christmas. It includes tunes like the Bing Crosby crooner classic White Christmas, the carol Silent Night and some originals, with much of the album having a retro, jazz standards touch or a country-ish vibe.

In other words Myles, 33 years old and the father of a little girl named Maria, has pretty catholic tastes when it comes to music.

Patrick Langston talked to him about those tastes, his new album and Christmas in advance of his yuletide show at the NAC Studio Dec. 18 and 19.

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CBC First Play: David Myles, It’s Christmas


Stream It’s Christmas via CBC until December 23rd

“It’s the warm firelight on a cold winter’s night, it’s the stranger that’s holding the door. It’s the generous smile, the mother and child, it is peace ringing out over war,” David Myles sings on the title track to his new album, It’s Christmas.

It’s not easy to make an original Christmas song that stands up to the classics, but on It’s Christmas, Myles manages just that, contributing three songs to the canon, including the aforementioned title track, which will appeal to anyone who even remotely looks forward to getting together with friends and family for the holidays. “The Gift” looks at what Christmas is really about (answer: family), while “Santa Never Brings me a Banjo” gives us a brief glimpse into the Christmases past of a young Myles (you can watch the animated video for it below).

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Caissedeson: “It’s Christmas” est #1 des top 20 albums de Nöel 2014

“Je place en tête de liste, le Néo-Brunswickois David Myles et son album It’s Christmas. Ce musicien acadien nous surprend avec des arrangements passant du folk au jazz et de la pop au bluegrass. En plus, il propose trois compositions originales très rafraîchissantes et surtout un album qui dans l’ensemble, présente le dosage parfait entre la nostalgie, l’ambiance festive, la qualité d’interprétation et l’efficacité de l’exécution. À noter, une portion des profits de la vente du disque sera remise à l’organisme Banques Alimentaires Canada.”

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Auteur: François Valenti,

It’s Christmas at your local independent record store

It’s Christmas is flying off the shelves and we’re getting a lot of calls about where to buy a physical copy. If Walmart or HMV are out of stock , try one of the great indie stores listed below. If there is no independent record store in your area, you can also order a physical cd from Maple Music –

Halifax: TAZ Records
Saint John: Backstreet
Moncton: Frank’s Music
Fredericton: Backstreet
St. John’s: Fred’s Records
Kitchener: Encore Records
Victoria, BC: Ditch Records & Cds

A Christmas Note (and special video surprise!) from David to his fans

This is so exciting!

We just got an incredible animated video done for “Santa Never Brings Me A Banjo”.
Check it out!

I hope you like it! If you do, please share it with your friends. Help spread the good banjo cheer. I’m so happy about how this turned out. And it was made right here in Halifax! Thanks again for all the support this month. Remember, there’s tons of goodies being made available daily at the advent calendar on the website so don’t hesitate to keep on checking in. For one, I’ll be putting out a series of essential holiday instructional videos as part of the calendar so I reckon it’s worth checking in throughout the month.

thanks so much,


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