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By Bob Mersereau, Top 100 Canadian Blog
Our pal Dave has sneaked this one into the market without fanfare, largely because it’s not new per se. Instead, it’s a collection of some of his fan-favourite tracks from his career, rerecorded with his live band in a relaxed studio session, to do them much the same way you’d hear them in concert. Also, this was first made a couple of years ago to have a sort of best-of for U.S. audiences as he toured there, to give them something to pick up at the shows that included all the songs they’d heard that night.

It’s actually a great pick-up for us regular fans too, as it gives the stripped-down feel to many tracks that received a bigger studio production. Now we get them as easy-going, largely acoustic tracks, highlighted by Myles with his core trio members Kyle Cunjak (acoustic bass) and Alan Jeffries (lead acoustic guitar), which is the way we see him most often. There is a bit more embellishment, notably subtle drums from pal/producer Joshua Van Tassel, and occasional keys and pedal steel. While we miss the more experimental side Myles incorporates on his regular albums, the flights into hip-hop or travels to Latin areas, horn lines and such, it’s just as enjoyable to have him record in this form. He truly would make an excellent bluegrass James Taylor for today.

Due to the obvious restrictions, it’s not a true best-of, as the acoustic style doesn’t lend itself to the Classified collaborations such as “Inner Ninja” or “So Blind.” But “Turn Time Off” and “When It Comes My Turn” sure feel good, and Jeffries gets to excel at his guitar lines as he does on stage. “Change My Mind” gets a great ’50s arrangement, complete with some fun doo-wop backing from the gang. And “Need A Break” proves you don’t need amps to rock. It’s a must-add to your Myles collection.


Pleased to be releasing an all-acoustic collection of some of my most “popular” songs today. So Far is a record that I made as an introduction to US audiences. I decided that the most honest way to do that was to re-record songs from my previous records in the most organic, live way possible. After recording the album, I thought, “this sounds like us, we’ve got to release it at home”.  So, here we are. These are the songs I play live most often. And this is how I play them. I hope you like it.

In other big news, this coming fall I’ll be releasing a record of brand new songs! This is gonna be a big one! We’ve been working on it for a long time. I made it with my band and the amazing Daniel Ledwell.  Think Elvis, Don Gibson, Roy Orbison, red suit and bolo tie. That’s the vibe. I’m really pumped about it. Coming soon!  

Thanks, as always, for the support.  
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“The folky finesse of James Taylor….the cool jazz of Chet Baker….the raucous rock of Chuck Berry.”- The Bluegrass Situation

“A toe-tapping acoustic rockabilly-ish delight chock full of clever lyrics and some pretty sick riffin” – Guitar World 

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