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Feed Nova Scotia Fundraiser at The Old Confidence Lodge – July 29th


As many of us have heard over the past weeks, food banks in Nova Scotia are in dire need of help right now. They are struggling to meet demand and it’s during these months that we often forget how important they are. I’ve been happy to be part of an annual food drive in New Brunswick at Christmas time called “Singing For Supper”, and I thought why not expand on the idea and do a midsummer food drive to help Feed Nova Scotia. So what do you say? Let’s rock it for Feed Nova Scotia at The Old Confidence Lodge Studio & Stage? in Riverport, NS on July 29th!! – David

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All profits will be donated to Feed Nova Scotia.

[Video] “Where Do I Belong” Ft. Reeny and Mahalia Smith

It’s the first day of summer! As a way of celebrating, I thought it was time to share another live video from Here Now. Man, I love these videos. They feature the amazing Reeny and Mahalia Smith of North Preston, Nova Scotia. Here’s us singing “Where Do I Belong” – perhaps my favourite track on the new record. Thanks! Hope you like it. Feel free to share!

Video Where Do I Belong – Live with Reeny and Mahalia Smith

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