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David Myles: Minstrel & Poet
By Jillianne Hamilton 
East Coast Overture

After seeing David Myles perform recently (and, thus, becoming a fan immediately), I decided that East Coast Overture needed (nay, deserved) to feature a Q&A with this charming fellow …

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CBC Song Quest

Canada has voted and we are thrilled to announce that David Myles has been chosen to write for New Brunswick in the CBC Radio 2’s Great Canadian SongQuest. David will be writing about the beautiful Hopewell Rocks and on November 23rd you can tune in to CBC Radio 2 for the final result! Congrats David!

The Coast

David Myles at Grand Parade Soul man David Myles comes back to Halifax for a show after a long tour, including shows with Jools Holland in the UK

by Sean Flinn 
The Coast

As he takes the stage at the Grand Parade, someone needs to crown David Myles king of the road. The long, lean man tours non-stop, or so it seems after a read of his blog and all the tour-dates mentioned therein.

He played the nation’s capital for Canada Day and celebrated New Brunswick Day in Fredericton at the Lieutenant-Governor’s residence. The LG, Herménégilde Chiasson, a writer himself, translated Myles’s “When It Comes My Turn,” from his second album,Things Have Changed, into French.Myles and band made transatlantic trips to the UK twice this summer, playing several shows with Jools Holland, former piano player with The Squeeze and TV host of Later…with Jools Holland. During that time, they played Shrewsbury, which, Myles wrote, is the home of that wayfaring, seafaring (aboard the Beagle) and pioneering evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin.Most recently, Myles made it to a show in Kejimkujik National Park in southwestern Nova Scotia, and, last we heard, was hanging out in Fredericton with family and listening to Roger Miller, he of “King of the Road” fame, “non-stop.”

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