“It’s Christmas” reviewed by the LA Times

December 21, 2015

By Randy Lewis, LA Times

We assume that fans of R&B diva Toni Braxton or holiday rock juggernaut Mannheim Steamroller will snap up their holiday albums. The challenge this time of year, every year, becomes separating the Yuletide wheat from the chaff and pointing listeners to those collections with something to offer those not already converted. Among the new releases below, those rated with three stars or more should fill that bill.

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Folk Alley reviews “It’s Christmas”

December 8, 2015

By Elena See, Folk Alley

“It’s the warm firelight on a cold winter’s night, it’s the stranger that’s holding the door. It’s the generous smile, the mother and child, it is peace ringing out over war.”

You’ll hear those words in the title track of Halifax, Nova Scotia based musician David Myles’s new Christmas recording, It’s Christmas. Those sentiments perfectly encapsulate the warm, gooey, softly smiling feeling that’s supposed to sweep over us during the holiday season.

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“So Far” reviewed by Elmore Magazine

December 1, 2015

pouches_2065By Lee Zimmerman, Elmore Magazine

Raised on Canada’s eastern shores by music-loving parents, David Myles has known no bounds when it comes to his obsessive fascination with all sorts of varying musical genres. With numerous albums to his credit in his homeland, and being a recipient of practically every award there is to win (including a Juno and various accolades accumulated in his native Nova Scotia), he’s built up a sizeable following north of our northern border,

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Calgary Herald: David Myles is The Gift with his holiday showcase

November 30, 2015

By Dan St. Yves, Calgary Herald
Photos: Dan St. Yves


Sam Phillips would have loved David Myles.

The rock pioneer that helped launch the careers of icons like Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis would have picked up on the uncanny abilities Myles has to channel, not mimic a cohesive selection of roots influences into sounds that bring back another era by simple virtue of his honest stylings.

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Indie Mono: “I’m a sucker for 50s records”

November 17, 2015

The canadian singer-songwriter David Myles has released his 9th album called ‘So Far’, the first one to be released on the US. Look how happy he seems with his banana.

By Carlos, Indiemono

David Myles presents his new album ‘So Far’, a selection of some of his best acoustic songs recorded with his band. A pure and natural sound that takes the audience closer to the warm atmosphere his live sessions have.

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A Convozine Sound Recommendation: Jazzy Singer Songwriter David Myles

October 9, 2015

By The Soulful Sound Lounge, Convozine

David Myles is a Canadian songwriter/performer/recording artist originally from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Myles lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

His music has often been labeled folk jazz, although he prefers simply to call it “roots” music. An independent artist who self-releases his albums, Myles has been able to gain an increasingly large audience, in part because of his active touring schedule and in part because of his cross-genre musical collaborations,

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

October 8, 2015

“The first 15 seconds on “Need a Break” are catchy and upbeat with a folk/country acoustic intro giving listeners a groove to latch on to.”