Calgary Herald: “Elegance and grace still an apparent option from performing artists”


By Dan St. Yves, Calgary Herald
Photos by Dan St. Yves

Recording artists from long bygone eras seemed to have the market cornered on exuding coolness, grace and elegance both with their recorded work, and their live performances. A few of those performers are still around, and they’re just as classy as ever. Tony Bennett and Johnny Mathis come to mind, both still capable of sharing their catalogues of popular songs that have stood up for decades, and in a way when you see either of them live that makes you wish there were more musical acts of that calibre level still out on the road or appearing in some swanky, high-class nightclub. Read More

Local Xpress: David Myles’ new music goes the distance

David Myles is in the midst of packing for an Alberta tour to promote his own brand-new EP, Here Now.

By Stephen Cooke, Local Xpress

Most Nova Scotians were cursing the late blast of winter that came earlier this week, but as resourceful Maritimers are wont to do, David Myles and Classified were able to make the most of it.

The folk-pop crooner and the Enfield MC were performing for the camera late Monday night around the waterfront of north-end Halifax, filming a music video for their collaboration Work Away, the new single from Classified’s latest album, Greatful. Read More

Here Now is David Myles – EP disponible le 8 avril sur les platformes de téléchargements

By Info-Culture

W139 PSDEmbrassant à la fois la pop, le folk et la musique soul, vous aimerez l’énergie musicale de David Myles aux sonorités situés entre le style de James Taylor et Justin Timberlake. Un album qui aligne les mélodies accrocheuses et les rythmes entrainants. Read More

Beatroute chats with David Myles on his new style and sharing his music

By Robyn Welsh, Beatroute


David Myles has explored the world of music through listening to different genres and making records spontaneously, amalgamating whatever music he surrounds himself with at any given time. His new EP, Here Now, is fittingly how he feels both here and now. A take on contemporary pop music sewn together with Motown, Smokey Robinson, and classic soul, Here Now, is the musical offspring of Myles with frequent collaborator, Halifax-based hip-hop artist and producer, Classified.

When Myles declined a job offer in the early 2000s in order to pursue music professionally, he started by attending every open mic in every bar or coffee shop that would have him. From there, he gained enough traction and confidence to go on tour. He kept rolling, and hasn’t stopped since. But that’s just the kind of musician David Myles is — fueled with a dedication and passion for music off all styles and origins. Read More

Exclaim! previews Here Now

By Sarah Murphy, Exclaim!

East Coast music man David Myles reworked some of his past work last year for the U.S.-only compilation So Far, and now he’s ready to unveil some totally fresh material on a new EP called Here Now.

The six-song set hears Myles diving head first into the world of pop music — a focused departure from the jazz, latin, country, folk, doo wop and bluegrass sounds he’s also explored in his career up until now. Under the pop music banner, though, he still draws inspiration from a range of eclectic artists like Sade, Smokey Robsinson and Outkast.

Elements of R&B, jazz and dance do weave their way into the new songs, and there’s even some added hip-hop edge injected into “Don’t Leave It Up to Me” thanks to a cameo from Classified. In fact, the Canadian rapper’s influence can be heard across all six tracks. Continuing his working relationship with Myles beyond their collaborative 2013 hit “Inner Ninja,” Classified served as the EP’s producer.

Here Now is officially out on April 8, but you can give the whole thing an early listen now. Just hit play below.

Calgary Herald: How to launch a new album the David Myles way

By Dan St. Yves

riley-smith-photographer-2Photo by Riley Smith

I received an e-mail back in early March, as did likely most anyone who had previously subscribed to David Myles’ newsletter updates. The e-mail contained the typical update for fans and subscribers — Myles had a new release coming out, Here Now.

However, the kicker was in the way he was letting early word of the recording get out, something called The Big Share. For fans that registered specifically for that option, five would be picked to receive a secret sharing link, which they were invited to send as far and wide as possible, right up to the official album release date of April 8th. Read More

David listed as one of the TOP TEN FOLK ARTISTS TO WATCH IN 2016 by the Broward Palm Beach New Times

By Lee Zimmerman, Broward Palm Beach New Times

While the perpetual cynics hem and haw that great Americana music is in scarce quantity these days, 2015 proved such assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Several new artists emerged from a variety of stylistic realms, proving emphatically that there remains a wellspring of excellent contemporary folk, country, soul, and Americana performers just waiting in the wings. Here then, are our picks for those who warrant be watched in the year ahead. Read More

“It’s Christmas” reviewed by the LA Times

By Randy Lewis, LA Times

We assume that fans of R&B diva Toni Braxton or holiday rock juggernaut Mannheim Steamroller will snap up their holiday albums. The challenge this time of year, every year, becomes separating the Yuletide wheat from the chaff and pointing listeners to those collections with something to offer those not already converted. Among the new releases below, those rated with three stars or more should fill that bill.

David Myles, “It’s Christmas”.

“The Canadian guitarist and singer brings genuine humility to his collection of holiday classics, a couple of below-the-radar covers and three originals, applying a Chet Atkins-like instrumental acumen without a shred of exhibitionism. Totally refreshing in its low-key charm.”


To view the entire list, click here.

Folk Alley reviews “It’s Christmas”

By Elena See, Folk Alley

“It’s the warm firelight on a cold winter’s night, it’s the stranger that’s holding the door. It’s the generous smile, the mother and child, it is peace ringing out over war.”

You’ll hear those words in the title track of Halifax, Nova Scotia based musician David Myles’s new Christmas recording, It’s Christmas. Those sentiments perfectly encapsulate the warm, gooey, softly smiling feeling that’s supposed to sweep over us during the holiday season. David Myles loves Christmas, it seems, and he wants us to love it, too.

Read More

“So Far” reviewed by Elmore Magazine

pouches_2065By Lee Zimmerman, Elmore Magazine

Raised on Canada’s eastern shores by music-loving parents, David Myles has known no bounds when it comes to his obsessive fascination with all sorts of varying musical genres. With numerous albums to his credit in his homeland, and being a recipient of practically every award there is to win (including a Juno and various accolades accumulated in his native Nova Scotia), he’s built up a sizeable following north of our northern border, but has yet to share his talents with Stateside audiences. In some ways, he sounds like a cross between James Taylor and Michael Bublé, thanks to a low-key, unassuming style that ingratiates him from the first notes forward.

While much has been made of the fact that Myles leaps easily from rock to jazz, Latin music and hip-hop to purely country croons, his new album, So Far– his first to be released Stateside — parlays a pure Americana/folk feel. His tastes run from Don Gibson and Roger Miller to Frank Ocean, Aretha Franklin and Smokey Robinson, with Chet Baker, Willie Nelson, Miles Davis, Paul Simon and Duke Ellington to boot.

So Far boasts a baker’s dozen of Myles’ fan favorites, re-recorded in a subtle acoustic style. It supports the impression he’s more the wide-eyed singer/songwriter at heart. Indeed, So Far is an apt title considering the fact that it not only sums up his strengths, but also bodes the promise of what’s to come.