Toronto Star

May 24, 2011

David Myles’ everyday brilliance
Toronto Star – May 23, 2011
David Myles, a self-described “tall, skinny dude with glasses,” doesn’t think of himself as skilled in the art of seduction. But he’s selling his musical talent way short, as he proves in this live set.

Myles himself is a dab hand at rhythm guitar, but it’s this New Brunswicker’s aw-shucks stage patter and honest, witty lyrics that seal the deal. From the opening “Need a Break,” these boys — including crack backups Alan Jeffries (lead guitar) and Kyle Cunjak (double bass) — use their mastery of old-fashioned blues,

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No depression

February 23, 2011

I have a rocky relationship with singer-songwriters. It’s easy for artists who write their own songs to fall into a self-referential void, either by allowing either their ego or their righteousness over a particular issue to overcome their music. This leads to a disconnect between the artist and the audience, and this disconnect leads to annoyance. It’s not the earnestness of a typical singer-songwriter that wears an audience down, it’s the lack of connection. So I sometimes forget how powerful a singer-songwriter can be if they have as much talent as a performer as they do as a songwriter.

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August 30, 2010

Turn Time Off is a well blended disc that portrays an artist baring his soul on songs that seamlessly and effortlessly tie album together

Review – Turn Time Off, Earshot

Spill Magazine

May 10, 2010

“Pair of Shoes” emerges as the most definitively “folk” songs on the album, with a simple arrangement and soft harmonies, and is a beautiful representation of what Myles’ music is all about.
REVIEW – Turn Time Off, Spill Magazine