David Premieres "Need A Break" — Exclusive Acoustic Video on Guitar World

By Laura B. Whitmore, Guitar World

I dare you to sit still while you watch this killer video from award-winning Nova Scotian singer/songwriter David Myles for his song “Need A Break.”

It’s a toe-tapping acoustic rockabilly-ish delight chock full of clever lyrics and some pretty sick riffin’.

The song appears on Myles’ US debut So Far which released September 25th.

Myles shares, “”I loved doing this video! It’s us in our most natural habitat: standing close, one mic, no amplification, just the three of us and the song. I’ve played with Alan and Kyle for years now all over the place and we have such a blast together. Nothing like playing music with your best friends. Especially when they rip like this! Ha! For years we searched for how to reflect the vibe we got playing live, and then we realized the key was to set up and play just as we would on stage. No messing around with head phones, no studio separation or anything like that. Once we did that, it just all made sense. We could just play and sing naturally and let the music really do its thing.”
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The Bluegrass Situation premieres ‘When It Comes My Turn’ from David’s upcoming US release, So Far


By The Bluegrass Situation

Nova Scotian singer/songwriter David Myles has an interesting palette of musical colors from which he paints. On one cut, he brings the folky finesse of James Taylor. On the next, he’ll turn to the cool jazz of Chet Baker. On still another, he might inject the raucous rock of Chuck Berry. Add on a political science degree and some fluency in Chinese, and the combination is what has turned Myles into an award-winning artist in his homeland.

Down here in the States, Myles makes his debut on September 25 with So Far. It’s a collection of songs culled from his catalog, deconstructed and built anew. That sort of shape-shifting is what makes Myles so popular. In fact, his 2013 “Inner Ninja” collaboration with hip-hop artist Classified is the best-selling rap single in Canadian music history. So Far doesn’t go quite, well, that far. One track, “When It Comes My Turn,” is about as far away from rap as you can get.

“I often say that ‘When It Comes My Turn’ was written during my quarter-life crisis,” Myles says. “I was on a really slow bus through Alberta. I was feeling old — feeling like I was turning the corner into adulthood, settling into the next stage of life. So I was thinking, if I’m gonna be an adult, I want to do it right. I don’t want to go down a path of cynicism and unhappiness that can so easily happen as life wears on. So I wrote myself this little memo. And it became the song. Now I sing it at shows every night. It reminds me to stay focused on the important stuff. Now I can’t become that old cynical grump I may have one day become.”

Myles continues, “The other interesting part of the song is that, though I thought it would be mainly 20-somethings going through quarter-life crises in mind that would feel a connection with the song, it’s resonated most significantly with my parent’s generation. Those who are transitioning into retirement or the later stages of life have really grabbed on to this song, and I’m so happy about that. Shows you that the word ‘old’ is such a perfectly relative term. It’s all in how you think of it.”

David to Release Official US Debut Album So Far – First Single "Need A Break" Premieres Exclusively on

By Chuck Armstrong,

On Sept. 25, Nova Scotia’s own David Myles will celebrate the release of his official U.S. debut, So Far. In a unique spin, So Far isn’t exactly “new” music; rather, it’s a collection of Myles’ work over the years, reinterpreted in a stripped-down environment. Today (June 30), Diffuser is ecstatic to team up with him to unveil the first track from the collection, “Need a Break” — take it for a spin in the audio player below.

As you can instantly tell with “Need a Break,” the stripped-down environment that So Far lives in is essentially little more than Myles and his acoustic guitar; that doesn’t mean it lacks energy, though. In fact, when listening to the record, it’s obvious Myles is sinking his whole heart into the reimagining of his music. “These are some of my favorite songs, ones that I’ve played live all over the world,” he explained when So Far was first announced. “It is a really clear reflection of who I am as a musician.”

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CBC: David Myles does a Latin turn on the new Alex Cuba album

David Myles has always had a passion for Latin music. His album Into The Sun from 2011 dabbled in the rhythms, and his interest probably goes back to his school days playing the trumpet. He’ll grab that horn any time he’s asked.


This time though, he was asked to lend his pipes and pen to a Latin track. Myles is the Canadian duet king after all, ever since he teamed up with Classified for the hip-hop hit Inner Ninja. That went pretty well. Not only was it a Juno-winning hit, it was the biggest-selling hip-hop track in Canadian music history. So if you want to cross-pollinate a couple of genres, who ya gonna call?

Alex Cuba is no stranger to duets either. It’s been one of his best moves, matching up with notable Canadian singers and writers. It’s part of what he does best, mixing the Cuban sounds he learned in his youth (living in Cuba until he was 25) with the pop he incorporates here in Canada (where he’s lived since 1999). His new album, Healer, finds him going the furthest down that path yet. The rhythms, moods and much of the instrumentation comes from a warmer climate, and some of the romance I suppose, but he molds that into modern pop and R’n’B, as smooth as silk.

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I admit that I am not a fan of the holidays, but one tradition in which I occasionally partake is the consumption of the Advent calendar. It’s not bad. Starting on December 1st, you get a chocolate a day until Christmas, and if you don’t care much about time or order you can have a bunch of chocolate on any given day and then just get yourself another Advent calendar. We should have these things for every month of the year!

So I have taken a subliminally chocolatey pleasure in Halifax–based singer-songwriter David Myles’s multimedia Advent calendar, which has been a fun way of promoting his new record, It’s Christmas. Every day this December—with the help of Mat Dunlap, who was the man with the plan—Myles and company have posted another little treat: segments on the making of the record, instructional videos (e.g. how to tie a bowtie), family chowder recipes, sheet music, music videos, etc.

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CBC First Play: David Myles, It’s Christmas


Stream It’s Christmas via CBC until December 23rd

“It’s the warm firelight on a cold winter’s night, it’s the stranger that’s holding the door. It’s the generous smile, the mother and child, it is peace ringing out over war,” David Myles sings on the title track to his new album, It’s Christmas.

It’s not easy to make an original Christmas song that stands up to the classics, but on It’s Christmas, Myles manages just that, contributing three songs to the canon, including the aforementioned title track,? which will appeal to anyone who even remotely looks forward to getting together with friends and family for the holidays. “The Gift” looks at what Christmas is really about (answer: family), while “Santa Never Brings me a Banjo”? gives us a brief glimpse into the Christmases past of a young Myles (you can watch the animated video for it below).

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Caissedeson: "It's Christmas" est #1 des top 20 albums de Nöel 2014

“Je place en tête de liste, le Néo-Brunswickois David Myles et son album It’s Christmas. Ce musicien acadien nous surprend avec des arrangements passant du folk au jazz et de la pop au bluegrass. En plus, il propose trois compositions originales très rafraîchissantes et surtout un album qui dans l’ensemble, présente le dosage parfait entre la nostalgie, l’ambiance festive, la qualité d’interprétation et l’efficacité de l’exécution. À noter, une portion des profits de la vente du disque sera remise à l’organisme Banques Alimentaires Canada.”

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Auteur: François Valenti,

Rick Keene reviews David Myles in Montreal

David Myles made his way into the city of Montreal on Saturday night. Given the ‘snowy fact’ the New Brunswick–born Juno Award winner is on tour promoting a Christmas album; ‘a Miracle on 34… er… Ste. Catherine Street seemed to take place.

Myles is not your average looking music star. Given the horn rimmed glasses, tuxedo and polite neighbor–next–door attitude, David could be Buddy Holly. Wait… Buddy Holly was a music star… ! Never mind.

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Le Soleil: It's Christmas avec David Myles

Myles vise juste. Tantôt jazz, tantôt folk, tantôt lounge, tantôt country, David Myles embrasse plusieurs styles musicaux sur cet album consacré à la musique de Noël. On ne se lasse pas d’entendre sa voix nous interpréter ces titres connus ou moins connus, d’entendres ses doigts courir sur les cordes de sa guitare ou encore de l’entendre. Le Néo-Brunswickois livre un album pétillant et entraînant qui ne devrait pas manquer de mettre de la joie dans les chaumières. L’emballage de l’album a cette délicieuse petite touche rétro qu’on peut aussi entendre dans l’offre musicale. Il y a même une pièce en français, Les cloches du hameau de Johannes Brahms, dont plusieurs connaissent déjà la version de Céline Doin et à laquelle les artistes acadiens Pascal Lejeune et Isabelle Thériault prêtent leurs voix. Une belle réussite que Myles viendra d’ailleurs présenter aux amateurs de Québec le 11 décembre au Théâtre Petit-Champlain.


by Ian Bussières, Le Soleil

La Nouvelle: À vos sapins!


Cette année mon coup de coeur dans la catégorie album des Fêtes va au canadien David Myles, qui est arrivé avec un disque tout beau : It’s Christmas with David Myles. L’auteur-compositeur-interprète originaire des Maritimes livre les classiques auxquels on s’attend : The Christmas Song (ma préférée, principalement à la guitare sèche, dénuée de tout flafla); I’ll Be Home for Christmas (qui sonne comme une vieille balade romantique un peu désabusée). Let It Snow se fait jazzy et nous rend nostalgiques. Sleigh Ride joue dans les eaux du jazz manouche. Outre les classiques, David Myles nous propose également des compositions, entre autres cette pièce nommée Santa Never Brings Me a Banjo, toute ludique et très bluegrass qui fait sourire.

by Hani Ferland, La Nouvelle