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April 2, 2010

The fourth full-length release from Canada’s David Myles. While this fellow is already well-known in many musical circles, for us Turn Time Off serves as an introduction. Wow. This guy is good. Damn good. David Myles writes and records soothing mid-tempo pop injected with a heavy dose of modern soul.

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Produced by Joel Plaskett (a real favorite here in the babysue office suites), Turn Time Off hits the target with each and every track. The arrangements are sparse and appropriate…which allow the listener to focus on Myles’ super smooth, understated voice. There is already a strong word-of-mouth buzz about this guy’s music. Time Off will no doubt be the album that will transfer some of that Canadian success to the United States. Many of these tracks remind us of Ron Sexsmith…but only slightly. Killer tracks include “Out Of Love,” “Run Away,” “Gone For Long,” “Lean Into The Wind,” and “I Will Love You.” Smart and sincere. TOP PICK.