AXS: Juno Award-winning David Myles croons on new album ‘Real Love’

January 24, 2018

By Gary Schwind, AXS

Crooner is a word that you don’t hear very often, but it just seems to fit some singers. On the new album Real Love, David Myles proves he is one of those.

You hear it right away in the opening track “Night and Day”. It begins with a rockabilly riff, then you hear Myles’s smooth vocals. He sings with a deep voice (at some points he sounds a bit like Sleepy LaBeef) that is perfect for the rockabilly feel of the tune. He even does that rockabilly sort of stutter that some singers used in the early days of rockabilly.

If you’re expecting this to be a whole album of rockabilly songs, you’ll see that Myles changes gears pretty quickly and frequently. The title track is the second song on the album, and it straddles rock and pop much like Elvis Costello has done for so much of his career. It’s a real treat to hear vocals like his in a song that rocks as much as this one does.

“If You Want Tonight” is one of the best examples of Myles’s crooning. [READ MORE]

When you listen to this album, you can see why Myles won a Juno Award in his native Canada. He ranges from rockabilly and rock to jazz (“Night after Night”) and pop. Whatever the style of a particular song, Myles does it very well. He also makes you wish you could sing even a little like him. Real Love will be available in the U.S. on January 26.