CBC First Play: David Myles, It’s Christmas

December 16, 2014

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“It’s the warm firelight on a cold winter’s night, it’s the stranger that’s holding the door. It’s the generous smile, the mother and child, it is peace ringing out over war,” David Myles sings on the title track to his new album, It’s Christmas.

It’s not easy to make an original Christmas song that stands up to the classics, but on It’s Christmas, Myles manages just that, contributing three songs to the canon, including the aforementioned title track,? which will appeal to anyone who even remotely looks forward to getting together with friends and family for the holidays. “The Gift” looks at what Christmas is really about (answer: family), while “Santa Never Brings me a Banjo”? gives us a brief glimpse into the Christmases past of a young Myles (you can watch the animated video for it below).

Myles also covers some of his favourite standards, including “Let it Snow,” “White Christmas” and Buck Owens’s underrated “Blue Christmas Lights.”

It’s Christmas is available now. Purchase it on iTunes here, with a portion of all proceeds going to Canada’s Food Banks.

It’s Christmas track list

1. “It’s Christmas”
2. “The Christmas Song”
3. “Star Of Hope”
4. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”
5. “Santa Never Brings Me A Banjo”
6. “Let It Snow”
7. “Blue Christmas Lights”
8. “Les Cloches du Hameau”
9. “It Snowed”
10. “The Gift”
11. “Sleigh Ride”
12. “White Christmas”
13. “Silent Night”

by Jesse Kinos-Goodin, CBC