Change My Mind

I’ve never seen a reason to move on
From listening to records and taking the train
I’ve never seen any reason to keep up
I don’t see any reason to change

I never saw any reason to fall in love
Then we met and I changed my mind
For you I changed my way of living
And all you did was leave me crying

So I’ve changed my mind
For the last time
I won’t change my mind
No more

My phone still plugs into the wall
I still write letters with a pen
I’ve been stuck since the day you left me
Haven’t moved on since then

I still use a VCR
And a black and white tv
I still think of you every night
Do you ever think of me

Or have you changed your mind for the last time?
Won’t you change you mind once more?

I’ve never seen any reason to move on
From when you left me in the rain
There still a chance you’ll be coming back
There’s still time for your mind to change