May 28, 2020



I love talking with people.  Anyone who knows me knows this.  It’s my fuel.  I find people so interesting.  My kids hate it.  Wherever we go, there I am having a big chat with someone, laughing, having a blast while they’re yanking on my pant leg to get that ice cream I promised them.  Anyway, I’ve decided to go pro with it.  I’m stepping into the world of late-night talk shows, but this one’s a NOT SO LATE-NIGHT TALK SHOW.  And it’s gonna be on YouTube Live.  I’m pumped about it.  This is a dream for me.  For years, I’ve talked about wanting to have a show that combined Oprah with The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour.  Welcome everyone, sing a song, greet the guest, chat for a while, have them play a song and then, the sweet ol’ goodnight.  Nothing like it when it’s done well.  And because, in our case, we’ll be broadcasting live on YouTube, you can get in on the action by commenting and asking questions, etc.  It’s going to be called “MYLES FROM HOME: ON YOUTUBE LIVE – A NOT SO LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW”.  (I had to include the description cause it makes me smile every time.)

I’m really excited to be inviting you to join me in getting this thing started!  We’re going to do it!  June 4th, 8 pm EST on YouTube Live.  My first guest will be Juno award-winner Matt Mays.  He just put out a record that he wrote and recorded entirely during quarantine.  It’s about life, love and companionship from the perspective of a dog.  Yup, that’s right.  And it’s sweet.  Looking forward to getting into it with one of the most charismatic guys I know.

Thank you for supporting me on all these wild adventures.  I appreciate it immensely.


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