David Myles: back to his ‘roots’

March 24, 2016

By Chris Funston, The Edson Leader

0B1A6747David Myles will be performing at The Red Brick on April 7.

You may know him from his collaborations with Canadian rapper Classified, but David Myles has his own voice and his own unique style.

Myles appeared on Classified’s single Inner Ninja in 2013, though the duo have been working together since 2011. The single went triple platinum in Canada, won a Juno Award and is also the highest-selling rap single in Canadian history. But for Myles it’s all about the music, no matter the genre, and his musical talents will be on display when he takes to the stage in Edson at The Red Brick Arts Centre on April 7.

The owner of a vast record collection, Myles says he takes inspiration from everything to folk, jazz and country, to bluegrass and pop. He combines all of these different elements into something he calls “roots” music.

“It’s a little bit Sam Cooke and sometimes it sounds like James Taylor, but that’s just where I live,” said Myles, who draws from whatever he’s currently inspired by. “Sometimes it’s country and sometimes it’s R&B. Ultimately it sits somewhere in the acoustic singer/songwriter world.”

Myles, who released his first album in 2005, is getting ready to unveil his latest project Here Now, a collaborative effort with Classified who produced the album and also appears on one of its tracks.

The album, which will be released on April 8, dives into the pop world, something that Myles has admittedly not been interested in since he was a kid but has a new-found interest in.

“It’s been my fascination lately,” he explained.

Though they have contrasting styles Myles and Classified have found chemistry when working together, which has produced some of Myles’ most successful tracks. He describes Here Now as more of a pop record lying somewhere between Smokey Robinson and Outcast.

“It’s been a really fun project that we worked really hard on together,” he explained. “I love working with someone who has a different perspective on things, it makes things interesting.”

The event in Edson will be an acoustic roots show as Myles calls it. He enjoys jumping from style to style while being able to speak to the audience about what they’re about to hear. He describes it as family friendly and accessible to everyone.

“It’s like a musical review. It draws on a lot of different styles of music,” said Myles. “It’s meant to be fun.”

Playing smaller shows in rural towns such as Edson has become something Myles adores. Though he enjoys playing larger cities, small-town shows are how he and his band build their fan base. He is also venturing into the U.S., where he has played shows in small towns in Iowa, Ohio, and Virginia as he continues to build his fan base outside of Canada.

“I feel really comfortable in smaller towns,” he said.

Though not everyone that attends his show may know his music, he says that audiences have been tremendous and receptive.

Myles will look to continue growing his fan base here and in the states as he continues his tour. Though it has taken a long time in Canada, it’s something that he and his band have world really hard towards.

“We’re not gonna stop anytime soon. It’s just gonna get bigger and better.”

For more on Myles and his new album head to davidmyles.com/herenow.

To purchase tickets for the April 7 show call 780-723-6224 or go to www.edsonartscouncil.com for more info.