David Myles Blog – April 21, 2011

April 21, 2011

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that I was lucky enough to win two East Coast Music Awards this past weekend in Charlottetown. That’s right, I won Single of the Year for my song “Need A Break” and “Turn Time Off’ won Folk Recording of the Year. Great news. Thanks for all the support!

In other exciting news, the new live record “Live At The Carleton” is now officially available in fine independent record stores near you. Or you can order it here,¬†or on itunes here.

I’m really excited about the record and I hope you like it.

Thanks so much for the visit,

Take care,


ps. Here’s a short list of some of favourite live records of all time

Dizzy Gillespie – At Newport – “Manteca” on this record is one of the most insane live tracks ever. Wicked breakdown/transition in the middle. Mind blowing.

Donny Hathaway – Live – A legendary soul/r&b record. Great playing and singing. The crowd participation is off the charts at times (ie. “You’ve Got A Friend” sing along)

Sam Cooke – Live At Harlem Square – Different in many respects from his studio records (though they are great too). Unhinged and totally awesome.
Same great singer (one of the best ever in my opinion), same great songs just with the energy of a crowd going crazy and Sam Cooke taking charge like the master he was. Plus you can hear the women in the crowd losing it, which is pretty amazing. He was a powerful dude, and this record really showcases that.

Ahmad Jamal – Ahmad’s Blues – A beautiful jazz trio recording from a club in Washington, DC in 1958. The connection between the players is unreal.
And his whole take on these tunes is really cool. In parts, this record sounds so contemporary it’s hard to believe it was recorded over 50 years ago. I love it.

Ray Charles – At Newport – The version of “I’ve Got A Woman” on this album sealed the deal for me in terms of Ray Charles’s top 5 place on the list of best musicians of the last 60 years. Check it out. Crazy breakdown, wicked energy.

Bob Marley – Live – An amazing album by an amazing artist with amazing musicians. At no point whatsoever does this concert NOT sound like it would have been totally mind blowing and super fun to be at.