October 21, 2011

Hi folks,

It’s been a wild few weeks. Had a great time in the UK. Did some shows in a beautiful rural part of western England. Really great. Then after some sweet days off in London I headed up to Scotland to play at the Americana Festival in Glasgow. From there, I was homeward bound for only a couple days before hitting the road again. Off to Vancouver.

On Wednesday, I flew out west with my good friend Classified and his crew to play at an event called WeDay. It was amazing. You can read about it here http://www.weday.com/event/vancouver. Special guests included Mia Farrow, Mikhail Gorbachev and Shaq. Pretty wild. Over 18,000 people rocking out in the Rogers Centre. We played “The Day Doesn’t Die”. Probably one of the highlights of my musical life. To see that many people singing and dancing along. Plus, I got to meet Shaq.

On Sunday night, I was lucky enough to have been voted the “Expat Of The Year” at this year’s Music New Brunswick Awards! I was so honoured. Thank you to all the good folks that voted. I really appreciate it. Music New Brunswick is a great organization and is doing some great work. And in breaking news, yesterday, I was voted Best Contemporary Singer at this year’s Canadian Folk Music Awards. A great week indeed.

I hope you’re all enjoying the new record. I have four of the tunes featured in the music section if you feel like checking them out. Also, check out the review section, there’s been a bunch of nice reviews come in over the last little while, including a few beauties “en francais”.

This Saturday, I’m playing at the Pearl Theatre in Lunenburg. A wicked venue in one of Nova Scotia’s nicest towns. Then next week I’m off to North Carolina for some shows, and, next Friday, Oct. 28th, up to Guelph to play to the River Run Centre. On Nov. 12th, I’ll be back home in New Brunswick to play a show in Hampton at the Vintage Bistro. I hope to see some of you there.

Thanks so much for the visit.