David Myles featured in Void Magazine

January 31, 2013

The stage is bare except for 3 mics that stand at the ready. An informative voice comes over the P.A telling the patrons of the Vic Juba Theater to put their hands together and welcome to the stage David Myles.

Three of the sharpest dressed men I have ever seen stroll on to the stage. They look as if they are dressed for a wedding or a 1930’s bank robbery. David takes the center mic, he is flanked by Kyle Cunjak and Alan Jeffries. Kyle is armed with a double bass. As for Alan, well Alan looks as if he was born with a familiar guitar in his hands. David is in the midst of telling the audience how happy they are to be here. With a small nod and a soft count the first song comes rumbling out.

The band is together. The songs are pouring out as if they are coming from one entity. Perhaps this is to be expected. After all it is the most likely outcome of taking three seasoned musicians, tossing of them on the road, and getting them to play back to back gigs across Saskatchewan over six weeks. This grueling tour schedule doesn’t seem to have taken its toll on David or the band. In fact they seem energized, driven by it.

The theater fades away to be replaced by a living room. The performance is intimate. The wall that tends to separate audience from performer has been torn down. The performance is more like to catching up with an old friend then it is a concert. David is opening his heart to the audience and the audience is responding to its warmth.

The songs are pulling the audience through all the emotional stops. From the bleak hopelessness of “Long Dark Night” to the joys of everyday life caused by “Simple Pleasures.” The mood swings caused by David Myles’ music is enough to cause one to take up drinking or to seek professional help. However, David has the rare ability of building an instant trust with his audience. You give in to the songs fully because you know that wherever they take you, you will be returned safely at the end of it.

David Myles is one of those national treasures lost in the vastness that is Canada. His music is the kind of sound that melts the daily grind away and forces you into the moment. It’s the kind of music that more Canadians need to be aware of. His music should be celebrated or at least listened to on a regular basis.

Watch this great video of David performing with Alan and Kyle, Live in Lloydminster.