David Myles In The Nighttime Album review

May 13, 2013

I have to tell you: I have become completely obsessed with David Myles since first hearing In The Nighttime and The After Party, his latest double release due out next Tuesday, May 14. In the “I can’t believe I hadn’t listened to him sooner” column, David’s was a name that I knew but had never heard live – and when it comes to local music, I tend to wait to see musicians play before I check out their records, so I was woefully light on this Fredericton native.

The first disc, In The Nighttime, is a delightful eleven tracks that have a distinctively 1950s feel overall. The self-professed “Mr. Love Song”, David has recorded a bunch of pure beauties on this record including the sweet I Wouldn’t Dance, the longing What Would I Have To Do and Kiss You Goodnight, and a really gorgeous cover of En Decembre, in French, natch. My personal favorite from this first disc is All I’ve Got To Give, written to and for his daughter Maria before she was born, with the chorus, The only thing that I can tell you is / I will give you all I’ve got to give…

The second disc, aptly titled The After Party, was produced by Myles’s longtime friend and collaborator (and co-winner of the Juno for Rap Recording of the Year, for Inner Ninja) Classified, and it is FUN. I literally find it physically impossible to hear these six tracks and not dance. (I’m not joking– I take the same bus home from work, with the same people, every day, and I’m convinced they all think I’m insane because for the last week I’ve barely been able to keep from jumping up and dancing in the aisle. The last three days in a row I was so unable to contain myself that I literally danced down the street from the bus stop to my house.)

The first single, with good reason, is How’d I Ever Think I Loved You, and I defy you to keep from singing it all day long after hearing it. Given David’s reputation for writing love songs, it’s quite amusing that he wrote a song with lyrics like, I been writing out report cards / For all my lovers, last to first / And I can tell you without question, now / You still stand out as being the worst, but it totally works for him. It’s easy to see why everyone is obsessed with it, and it’s just a small taste of what’s on the rest of the album.

If you love this song, I promise you’ll love the rest of them just as much– if not more! You can pre-order the album now from Maple Music, and/or go pick yourself up a copy at your local record store this coming Tuesday, May 14.

And keep your eye on David Myles – with the success of Inner Ninja, the Juno win, and now this incredible album, it feels like we’re seeing the early glimmers of a really exciting time in his career. Can’t wait to follow along!

by Jen Ochej, Sea Legs