David Myles live at the Cohn

May 13, 2013

Well, last night was just pure magic. In support of his upcoming release, In The Nighttime (due out next Tuesday, May 14), David Myles played a packed show at the Rebecca Cohn with special guests Measha Brueggergosman and Classified, and I was lucky enough to be there!

It was my first time hearing David live, and since I’ve been listening to his album nonstop for the last week I was pretty excited to get to hear some of the songs live. From start to finish, he and his band did not disappoint. Accompanied by Kyle Cunjac, Kim Dunn,Joshua Van Tassel, and Alan Jeffries, it was clear that Myles was overjoyed to be playing the Rebecca Cohn and introducing these songs to the world.

Transitioning seamlessly between doo-wop, ballads, and more up-tempo songs, David’s stage banter was impeccable. He joked with the crowd about how difficult it was, as a self-professed nerdy type, to write his first sensual love song, saying with a laugh, “I decided to boldly go where no tall, skinny man had ever gone before, no matter how uncomfortable it made me. Or you, for that matter,” before beginning Turn Time Off; he told stories about being a new father; he reminisced about playing in his elementary school band, calling for a round of applause for school music programs; and he talked about playing with Classified and laughed when talking about the different crowds they attract, and how he’s “terrified of teenagers”.

Classified was there, of course, and joined David onstage for a couple of songs and a lot of laughs. It’s clear the two have both an easy friendship and a massive amount of respect and admiration for one another, and it was a treat to see them perform two songs, including Inner Ninja, which just this week earned the title of highest selling Canadian hip hop track of all time (!!). I was a little curious how these songs would work out, since it was just David and Classified sitting on stools, David with his electric guitar, but it was incredible to hear these stripped down versions. It takes real talent to make hip hop tracks sound that amazing with only two voices and a guitar, and it was a really wonderful thing to experience.

David was also joined by Measha Brueggergosman, world-renowned Soprano and apparently lifelong friend of David’s, for their duet Whole To My Half. Measha came onstage carrying her infant son, Shepherd, prompting a few jokes from David about how he would have brought his new daughter, Maria, but she was at home “sleeping….responsibly,” which got an uproarious laugh from the audience and Measha herself.

With two full sets including many of the songs from In The Nighttime and The After Party (the six-song EP produced by Classified), as well as old crowd favorites, it was a full and fun night that was over far too soon. When David wrapped up his second set there was no question, as everyone leaped to their feet, that there would be an encore, and Myles didn’t disappoint, returning for not one but two songs, the second of which he called Measha and Classified back out for.

I’m so glad I got to finally hear David play, and I hope it won’t be too long before it happens again. In the meantime, I’ll gladly keep In The Nighttime and The After Party on repeat! Keep your eyes peeled for our review of the album later today, and make sure you get yourself a copy next Tuesday, May 14. And get out to see David next time he’s in your city!

by Jen Ochej, Sea Legs