Metro: David Myles never thought his first Juno would be for a rap song with Classified

May 10, 2013

Having spent the majority of his career crooning around rural Canada, Fredericton native-turned-Halifax resident David Myles could have never imagined that the first Juno win he’d be associated with would be for rap recording of the year.

During what can be described as a whirl-wind-weekend at the Junos this past month, Myles’ career took a giant leap into the national spotlight.
Speaking to him less than a month after his song, Inner Ninja, won a Juno, it was apparent that Myles was still flying high.

“We (Myles and Luke Boyd) won the award (on Saturday), but I almost didn’t let myself celebrate because we still had Sunday ahead of us with the show, which was another major career step for me,” he said.

Myles’s career began in 2005 with Together and Alone, but it wasn’t until Myles collaborated with Classified (Boyd) for The Day Doesn’t Die from Class’s 2011 album Handshakes and Middle Fingers that Myles heard his music enter into another world.

“It was a surprising combination that we thought was great,” he said.
“I love working with Luke and his energy. There’s something about beats and that world that gives my music this amazing energy that I haven’t experienced before — he’s able to get at the core of my songs.”

Convinced that their collaboration was more than a studio one-night stand, Myles and Class took their relationship to the next level.

“We were curious about what would happen if we spent a few weeks hammering out material because it was important to me to not just do a one off — to see what we could do to adapt my material into his world.”

And after their efforts birthed a Juno with Inner Ninja, “I don’t think we’ll stop.”

Just a taste of things to come, Inner Ninja represents “Side B” of Myles’ new album, In the Nighttime, available on May 14.

Fear not Myles maniacs; “Side A” stays true to his world.

“That side of my world will always exist — doing theatre shows, like the one we are doing at the Cohn, that’s where I’m really comfortable,” he said.

“I’d never thought I’d be that comfortable rocking clubs with Classified, but I gotta say, that’s pretty fun too.”

by Jenna Conter, Metro