David Myles ‘Real Love’ is The Soundtrack for Your Next Road Trip

February 6, 2018

By Go See Live Music

To truly judge an album, we love to climb into the car and head out on to the open road. Lines blurring, the motion of the city turning into the country. These are the things that provide the backdrop for fully settling into an album. It was true from the invention of the radio and will stand the test of time.

Most recently we have been vibing on David Myles new album Real Love. To us, it feels cinematic. Not because it is overly produced, but more like a Quentin Tarantino joint. Dramatic flairs mixed into breaks that push and pull. The music could easily backdrop his next Pulp Fiction film (we know it’s not realistic, but we can dream). As to his sound, think rockabilly Elvis meets Steve McQueen. Yeah, that cool. [READ MORE]