David Myles set to perform sold out show at the Marigold Cultural Centre on April 11

April 2, 2014

David Myles is taking advantage of the exposure a well-known song has been giving him lately.

Myles, a roots and folk artist living in Halifax, was featured in Classified’s Inner Ninja, which just lost out of a JUNO Award for single of the year. In May, Myles released a double album, In the Nighttime.

“Things have been going really good with In the Nighttime, really good,” said Myles, who is set to perform a sold-out show at the Marigold Cultural Centre on April 11. “The timing was tremendous. It was released just a few months after Inner Ninja really broke, so that exposure opened people up to my music.”

Myles’ lastest double album features two producers: Aaron Davis on disc one and Classified, a hip-hop artist originally from Enfield, on the second.

“I wanted the able to be more of what I do,” said Myles, adding he could have taken the success of Inner Ninja and incorporated that sound into his album. “It’s important for me not to hide what I do, and with the momentum of the song, it’s given me a chance to show other people what I do, which is more roots and acoustic. It’s amazing to see Inner Ninja fans come on side with this album. It’s been really exciting.”

While the album was released close to a year ago, Myles said things have really picked up over the past five months.

“Things have been wild. It’s really been the strongest since the fall.”

With the JUNO awards handed out this past weekend, Myles didn’t seem disappointed about Inner Ninja losing to Tegan and Sara’s song Closer.

“To be totally honest, I love the song that won,” he said. “And just the fact that we were nominated in that category is amazing. All the other nominees are international artists. I had a particular soft spot for that song when it came out, so I was pumped when it won.”

Before Myles hits the stage in Truro, he’s heading to Charlottetown, P.E.I., for East Coast Music Week. He’s nominated in six categories – folk recording, solo recording and album of the year for In the Nighttime, while Inner Ninja, which he co-wrote with Classified, is up for song of the year and fan’s choice video of the year. He’s also up for songwriter of the year for his So Blind collaboration with Classified.

The singer-songwriter is heading to East Coast Music Week on Thursday for a performance and staying until the gala awards show on Sunday.

“I really like East Coast Music Week,” said Myles. “A lot of people think about only the awards, and don’t know how important the conference part is and all the delegates. The delegates are from other parts of the world. East Coast Music Week has been really good for me – there are different opportunities that come from it.”

Myles said those fortunate enough to get tickets to his Truro performance will see a full band and hear stories.

They may also hear him rap.

“If I’m feeling bold, I will take it on,” he said, regarding Classified’s rap during So Blind.

“It’s a good challenge for me. Going from singing, to rapping and back to singing is something I had to get used to. It took a lot of brainwork.”

Toward the end of the year, fans of Myles should keep an eye out for a special release – he’s releasing a Christmas album in November.

“I’m super excited about the Christmas album,” he said. “I love Christmas songs, I really do because there are a lot of songs from an era I relate to.”

He said he wanted to wait to release a Christmas album until he was able to contribute his own song. This past Christmas, he sat down and wrote three of his own.

Myles’s Truro performance begins at 7:30 p.m.

by Raissa Tetanish, Truro Daily News