David Myles visits Vancouver Technical Secondary School

September 16, 2013
David Myles school

On Monday, September 16th, at 1:30pm David Myles will take a break from his extensive fall tour to visit a class hosted by Mark Reid, MusiCounts Teacher of The Year, at the Vancouver Technical Secondary School. This intimate classroom experience will include discussions about song-writing, collaboration in music-making, the path to success, and an acoustic performance by David.

David credits his love and passion for music to his involvement with music in school. “Music in schools is something I totally believe in. It was always a huge part of my life. I started playing trumpet in grade 5 in the Connaught Street Elementary School band and I never stopped. I played right through to the end of high school. I loved it. It’s an amazing way to learn. You learn about an instrument, about playing with other people, how to read music and how to listen; all without ever really noticing. It may not have been seen as the coolest thing to do back them, but now when I look back it certainly was the coolest way I could have been spending my time. If I can pass on to kids any interest in learning about music in any form I’m totally into it.”

This fall, David is on tour across Canada in support of his new album In the Nighttime. His tour includes two stops in British Columbia. In the Nighttime was released on the heels of David’s chart-topping hit collaboration single “Inner Ninja” with Canadian rap star Classified. “Inner Ninja” is now triple platinum plus in Canada, has been released around the world, and has won a Juno Award and two Much Music Video Awards.

David Myles school_2

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