David's Blog – March 24, 2011

March 27, 2011

It’s has been one heck of a busy month.  I left Halifax on February 16th to head to the North American Folk Alliance in Memphis, Tennessee and I’ve been on the road ever since! Had a great time in Memphis. It gets better with every visit. The real highlight this time was going to the legendary Al Green’s church for a Sunday morning service. Mind blowing. Three hours of musical intensity. Beautiful.

Since then, I spent a couple weeks on the road with Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe. I was one of the musical guests. Very cool gig. And I got to share the stage with Madison Violet as well, who are really wicked. It was a tour of the finest venues in the maritimes (with a couple in Maine), so it was quite a treat.

From there, I flew straight to Ontario to join Joel Plaskett and the Emergency for a week and half of sweet shows. I love doing opening sets for Joel. He’s got great fans and we all have a blast. Really looking forward to getting back to Ontario again soon.

Now, I’m out west. Got some shows in Spruce Grove, Edmonton, Canmore, and Kelowna. Please check out the tour page for details. Alan and Kyle (my band mates) are flying out tonight. Really looking forward to rocking it with the trio for the week or so. May even get a bit of skiing in while we’re in the Rockies!

Two other very exciting news items! First, I’m featured on a track on Classified’s new record! It’s called “The Day Doesn’t Die” and I wrote and sing the chorus. I’m really excited about it. Check it out.


I hope you like it.

And finally, I’m proud to let you know that the song I like to refer as my climate change anthem, “I Don’t Want To Know” is one of the tracks on David Suzuki’s Playlist for the Planet. All proceeds go to the David Suzuki Foundation. Check it out here, www.bit.ly/Planet-iTunes Thanks so much for the visit. I hope you’re all doing well. See you soon.