December 21, 2009

December 21, 2009

Hi folks,
Lots going on here.  It’s been a great couple weeks.  I was down in Arizona for a week.  Mesa, to be exact. Joel Plaskett, who’s producing my new record, and I went down to mix at this great studio called Flying Blankett Recording (  It was rad.  Bob Hoag, a legendary dude, runs the joint.  He’s the guy who recorded Joel’s record, La De Da, a few years back.  He’s a great guy, wicked sense of humour and a habit of dressing in only clothing from the 1940s.  Anyway, he and Joel mixed the record, while I kind of casually oversaw the process and playing basketball whenever I got a couple minutes here and there.  I’m really excited by how it turned out. The gear down there was wild.  The same console that Radiohead recorded "The Bends" on.  Plus they had this little side car console that was once owned by the Travelling Wilburys! Insane. Anyway, I’m hoping some of that magic was transferred into my tuneage. I’m thinking it may have cause things are sounding pretty darn sweet. Since then I was in Toronto to perform at the Great Canadian SongQuest concert at Glenn Gould Studio at CBC.  Great night.  Got to share the stage with a bunch of Canada’s finest.  That concert will be on CBC radio and on the Bold TV network in late January (the 21st and 22nd I think). Now, I’m chilling and trying to settle into the vacation grooving. Shouldn’t be too hard.  I hope you’re all doing well.
Thanks so much for the visit,

ps.  Here’s a photo I took really quickly of the legendary Bob Hoag before
taking off.