Here Now

David Myles is diving deep into the pop world, exploring new territory with the same irresistible energy and musical integrity that has become his trademark. Here Now is pop music pulled off in perfect David Myles style: savvy and sophisticated, with effortlessly addictive melodies in sync with rousing rhythms. Over his career, the genre-bending songwriter has delved into jazz, latin, country, folk, doo wop and even bluegrass. And the one thing that runs through his entire eclectic catalogue is a profound love of music.

“First and foremost, I’m a music fan,” Myles says. “I’ve spent my whole life collecting all different kinds of records. So I’ve always loved the idea of making an album as an exploration into a particular musical world. For Here Now, that world is pop music.”

Myles takes inspiration from the essential grooves of some of his favourite pop icons—Sade, Smokey Robinson, OutKast, and more—and works them into his own idiosyncratic artistic vision. You can hear him work his wizardry on the heart-pumping “It Don’t Matter”, pinballing between chill vibes and get-up-and-shout choruses. “Where Do I Belong” slinks along with the smoky haze of classic 90’s R&B, a muted Miles Davis-esque trumpet lingering in the background. His sense of humour shines bright on the soulful, retro bounce of “Doctor, Doctor”, and “Quiet After Violence” dances while the world ends; an apocalyptic banger with a beat that channels Michael Jackson. Canadian hip-hop icon Classified makes an emotional feature with a crackling verse on the poignant, slow-burner “Don’t Leave It Up To Me.”

Classified is also the beat architect and producer behind Here Now’s crystal sonics. It’s not the first time Myles and Class have collaborated; their mega-hit “Inner Ninja” holds the record for the top selling Canadian hip-hop song of all time, and garnered them the 2013 JUNO Award for Rap Recording of the Year. That undeniable chemistry has also been behind some of David’s most successful earworms, such as “So Blind”, “How’d I Ever Think I Loved You”, and “Simple Pleasures”. But Here Now breaks new ground, with both musicians at the top of their game.

David Myles is Here Now.

Video It Don't Matter - Live with Reeny and Mahalia Smith