Review – A double album and a duo

May 27, 2013

You might say he is a bit Jack Johnson. A light melody on the beach with a surf board not far away. Others will find his style oscillates between James Taylor and Paul Simon. His choruses have a humour and a tenderness of a gentle story teller, often acoustic, relaxed, accompanied by a simple guitar and double bass. All of this should give you a small idea of David Myles. But this slender singer who comes to us directly from Fredericton, launches a new double album recorded in Nova Scotia, and which includes the participation of hip-hop producer Classified. It’s as though everything happens for the best, because the doo-wop sounds of the first album produced by Aaron Davis (the pianist from the Holy Cole Trio) find their ideal counterpart in the urban feel of the second album, purposely christened The After Party.

Another big surprise: Myles sings in French. Listen to En Decembre, a melancholy ballad by Pascal Lejeune – a maritime compatriot – that he sings intimately with guess who? Lisa Leblanc, the discovery of the year, the star of Rosaireville! But odds are that the last time he was in Quebec, two years ago, touring his 4th album Into the Sun, likely inspired him to truly do justice the beautiful text that begins:

“Je t’écris une chanson pour la première fois de Montreal,
Ce Soir, nos cœurs battent à 900 kilometres d’intervalle »

by Ralph Boncy,