Exclaim! previews Here Now

April 1, 2016

By Sarah Murphy, Exclaim!

East Coast music man David Myles reworked some of his past work last year for the U.S.-only compilation So Far, and now he’s ready to unveil some totally fresh material on a new EP called Here Now.

The six-song set hears Myles diving head first into the world of pop music — a focused departure from the jazz, latin, country, folk, doo wop and bluegrass sounds he’s also explored in his career up until now. Under the pop music banner, though, he still draws inspiration from a range of eclectic artists like Sade, Smokey Robsinson and Outkast.

Elements of R&B, jazz and dance do weave their way into the new songs, and there’s even some added hip-hop edge injected into “Don’t Leave It Up to Me” thanks to a cameo from Classified. In fact, the Canadian rapper’s influence can be heard across all six tracks. Continuing his working relationship with Myles beyond their collaborative 2013 hit “Inner Ninja,” Classified served as the EP’s producer.

Here Now is officially out on April 8, but you can give the whole thing an early listen now. Just hit play below.