Info-Culture Reviews In the Nighttime

May 13, 2013

Including “En decembre” a duo with Lisa Leblanc, this lively album will given you moments of pleasure. It’s a double album that brings together the two personalities of David Myles, the sensual crooner and the energetic performer.

David Myles has forged his own path, simultaneously pop, folk, and soul music. Winner of many awards, he who has crossed the country from east to west has built a reputation as unparalleled performer. David Myles is recognizable for his voice which is full of soul, flawlessness and seduction.

Disc One of this album, produced by Aaron Davis, is full of vintage pop songs and romantic folk ballads. Disc Two is an EP of six contemporary and rhythmic pieces produced by hip-hop artist Classified

If the first album constitutes the ideal soundtrack for for a dinner with friends, the second reveals itself to be perfect for getting a wild evening going.

While each album establishes its own ambiance they are united by quality of the songs written by David Myles and by his unique and soothing voice.

What Would I have to Do, perfectly describes the fluctuating emotions the go with the pain of love.

You will notice desire in all of the songs from beginning to end. Myles also includes in the bunch a series of clips inspired by the doo-wop wave of the 1950’s. Change My Mind, for example, speaks to a nostalgia for a simpler time. A song that his guests Rose Cousins and Meaghan Smith embellish deliciously with their perfect vocal harmonies and their shoo-bee-doo-wah.

Disc one finds all the spontaneity and the authenticity of a live concert with excellent studio musicians David Piltch on base, Kevin Breit on guitar and mandolin, Davide Di Renso on drums and Aaron Davis on piano.

The second disc, nicknamed the Afterparty, is as a result of a project born from the longtime collaboration between Dave and the Canadian hip-hop producer Classified. A collaboration which gave birth to the double platinum “Inner Ninja”. The songs that are found on this EP are very urban, furnished with vintage R and B sounds and those of rock and roll.

With In the Nighttime, Myles fully confirms his reputation as an entertainer.

by Info-Culture