It’s a Fall of Firsts for David!

September 12, 2018

The new debuts of David Myles include his first French language record, first children’s book, and first self-produced radio program. PLUS watch for an acoustic version of Real Love, coming out October 26.

Never one to rest on his laurels, David Myles is gearing up for a busy fall of firsts, diversifying his already rich creative portfolio. While he’s still riding a busy wave of live shows, there’s a lot in the works and on the (very near) horizon coming up. In the next few months, David will be dropping a French language album, named Le grand départ, on September 14; he’ll be publishing his debut children’s book, based on the hit holiday tune “Santa Never Brings Me A Banjo”; and while he’s no stranger to radio, David will be self-producing for the first time, with his own CKUA program, titled Myles From Home, premiering on September 15. And on top of all that, he’s releasing an acoustic version of last year’s acclaimed Real Love. It’s no mistake that every time you see David, he’s got his signature suit and tie on—the guy is always hard at work.

Myles From Home, premiering September 15 on CKUA
If you couldn’t tell from the clever title, Myles From Home, will be coming at you via CKUA from David’s very own backyard in beautiful Halifax. It hits the airwaves on September 15, and runs every Saturday morning from 8-9AM AST.

“I remember thinking as a kid: ‘No one in the world could possibly love music as much as I do,’” David says. “Well, Myles From Home is a radio show about sharing that love and enthusiasm for great music. I want this show to get into the real reasons why particular songs move me, why I keep coming back to them, and why I hope you’ll love them too. I’ve been collecting records since elementary school—starting with jazz, moving through classic R&B and soul, and I’ve recently gotten heavy into classic country and bluegrass. So, I hope to move through all that territory while exploring brand new tunes as well. Together, every week! Before long, I hope the show will also include live interviews and performances. So, come “join me for the ride, every Saturday morning!

“David has been a favourite here at CKUA for a long time,” CKUA Content Director Kevin Wilson says. “We’re delighted to share another side of his musical passion. And we’re excited to be starting this new endeavour with David at the microphone. We see this as an opportunity to share the great work CKUA has been doing with David’s fans across the country and around the world.”

Santa Never Brings Me A Banjo, October 2018 via Nimbus Publishing
During the Christmas season in 2014, David released his own modern holiday classic, “Santa Never Brings Me A Banjo,” along with the most adorable illustrated music video you ever did see. In October 2018, just in time for winter, the celebrated tune is getting the children’s book treatment thanks to Nimbus Publishing, who have taken all the bouncy brightness of the song and transferred it to the page. The book is illustrated by Murray Bain, who animated the song’s much-loved video. Based in Halifax, Nimbus is the largest Canadian English-language publisher east of Toronto, and has published notable children’s authors such as the multi-award winning Sheree Fitch, as well as fellow musicians such as Jill Barber. Santa Never Brings Me A Banjo will include a special holiday message from David as well as sheet music for those who wish to sing along. David will also be promoting the book during the Toronto International Festival of Authors this October.

“Nimbus is thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with a performer as well-loved as David Myles,” Whitney Moran, Nimbus Publishing’s managing editor says. “Working with David and illustrator Murray Bain to bring “Santa Never Brings Me A Banjo” to life has been an incredible experience. We can’t wait to share this book with the world!”

Le grand départ, September 14 via L-Abe Records
David will release his debut French language album, Le grand départ, on September 14 via the Montréal-based L-Abe Records. As a native New Brunswicker, David has long dreamed of making a record in French, and he put many hours into honing his language skills before embarking on this original record. Produced by the renowned François Lafontaine, the album was recorded in Montréal and features David’s long-time collaborators Alan Jeffries and Kyle Cunjak, who are joined by some of Quebec’s finest musicians.

“Doing a record in French has been a goal of mine for a long time,” David says. “But I never dreamed it would turn out so well. The whole experience was thrilling. I got to work with a brilliant crew of collaborators in Montréal. François Lafontaine—who produced the record—is a freak genius who I adored working with, and Carole Facal and Gaële, with whom I wrote the songs, were amazing. I’m so proud of how this all turned out and can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

“We are honoured to help David make his French debut,” Louis-Armand Bombardier, the President of L-Abe Records says. “We believe he will set an example and inspire other artists to discover Canada’s ‘other’ official language! Working together, his music will certainly make its way to a broader audience and open new territories for touring.”

David will be touring through Quebec, la belle province, to promote Le grand depart this fall. For details, visit

The acoustic edition of Real Love, October 26
Last year, David electrified with his 10th album Real Love —a boogying, hip-swiveling ode to rock ‘n’ roll that saw him pull off twang in the style of Johnny Cash, croon like Roy Orbison, and channel The King, pulling the sweet summer sway of the ‘50s and ‘60s into modern times. Now, he’s distilling all those R&B grooves, broken-hearted ballads, and starry-eyed love tunes down to their essence as he gears up to unveil the acoustic edition of the album. Coming out late October, it promises to bring the rhythmic, toe-tapping, stand-alone version of David straight to your living room, with all the charm and sweetness of one of his live performances. The album will allow listeners to hear these beloved songs in an intimate new setting—one that turns down the volume but amplifies all the heart at the core of them.

“Given the man’s remarkable diversity, it’s clear he’s capable of going wherever his wanderlust leads him…” No Depression said of David’s Real Love. “Stylish and sophisticated, he’s literally got all the right moves.”