January 4th, 2010

January 4, 2010

Hi folks,

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone enjoyed some sweet holiday time.  I know I did. Feeling rested and ready to roll into 2010. Got some big plans this year.  First and foremost of course is the new record which is so very close to being done. It’s going to be released on April 20th. I have a couple more stripped down tunes (ie. me and Al playing guitar and Kyle playing bass) to do and we’ll be mastering this beauty by month’s end.

In other news, I had the great opportunity to hear upcoming releases by Buck 65 and Old Man Luedecke over the holidays and I will tell you my friends we’re all in for a treat. Both are great albums and I think they’re both planning to release them in March or so. Look forward to it.

Thanks as always for the visit.  I’ll attach a photo of Kyle, Al and me getting ready to play on New Year’s Eve at the Dragonfly Cafe in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  Good times.

Talk to you soon,