Journal Le Nord Cotier, David Myles: When two artistic personalities collide

August 22, 2014

Active for more than 10 years in the music business, David Myles is one of the artists to explore different musical avenues. An artistic proposal that allows it to be both a crooner and a popular artist. Originally from Nova Scotia, singer-songwriter shows up on the North Shore to perform in cabaret August 29 at 20h at the Salle Jean-Marc Dion.

Since childhood, the singer was interested in jazz music as well as popular music, two genres he enjoys the same level. “Very young, I had a contest on lypsinc Elvis song. It was the first time I climbed on stage. I danced and sang. I had a lot of fun doing it. It has always been part of me, “he says.

Even in a more intimate setting, the artist loves to have fun on stage. There is no doubt he feels a real pleasure to entertain people who attend his shows. “I love entertaining people. I have a lot of fun to see them play with me, ‘he added. I want them to spend a memorable time in my company. The show is different every night. I change the links between songs. Every night, it’s so new to me and the musicians. ”

Working with Classified for the song “Inner Ninja,” which was a huge hit on the radio, singer-songwriter has managed to make themselves known to a wider audience and also found an artistic partner with whom it always works. “Our collaboration was a natural. He works in another musical register. I do not know much about electronics. However, I loved working with him from the start. Us, he has developed a real chemistry, “he connects.

A double album
for the production of his latest album, “In the nightime” Myles has again used the services of Classified. This collaboration led to the release of a double album with six songs remixed, an album on which both artists of singer are featured. This is a combination of circumstances since then working on two separate projects. An element that happens quite well to transpose on stage.

“I have always tried to associate myself with the best musicians. I wanted this album to sound “live.” This is an important feature of the folk music and “roots”. I do not like it sounds too perfect. It does not really work. With Classified, things are different. It helps me so musicians can do so easily, “he says.

During his show, David Myles will be accompanied by two musicians, a bass and a dobro. For the occasion, he also promises to interpret some songs in French, he has mastered quite well. A benefit that should be split into two parts of 45 minutes long and more than twenty songs.

Between each of them, the artist takes pleasure in communicating with people to put them in context. “It’s an intimate bill. I do it for people. I like to connect with them, “he says.

by Eric Martin, Journal Le Nord Cotier