July 12, 2009

July 9, 2009

Hi folks,
Still rocking it over here in the UK.  Having a blast.  We’ve been in Shrewsbury (Charles Darwin’s hometown) for the last few days.  We played another really fun show opening for Jools Holland this past friday.  This is a really beautiful town and has been great to spend time in.  We decided to stay busy while we were here and have played a few extra shows. They’ve been a blast.  After playing an open mic in a bar called the Old Post Office on Thursday night (one of the most fun music playing experiences i’ve ever had), the bar booked us for a two set show last night.  Turned out great.  Lots of wicked folks came out and we all danced like crazy.  Wicked. Today, the band is packing up and heading to Amsterdam for a few days of down time.  We’ve rented a houseboat there to do some rehearsal and pre-production for my next record, which I’ll be recording in the fall. Life is good. Stay tuned.  Talk to you soon.  One more Jools Holland show to do.  Next friday, in Rugby.  Here’s a photo of the beautiful town of Shrewsbury.
Thanks for the visit,