July 15, 2009

July 15, 2009

Hi there,
I just thought I’d do a quick one before I head back to the UK.  I’ve spent the last few days with the whole band in a houseboat in Amsterdam. We had a little break between shows in the UK and we decided to take full advantage of it and go on an adventure, while doing some rehearsing and pre-production for the next record.  It’s not everyday that I get the band in one place together and it’s been a great thing.  We set up all our gear on the deck of this boat (which sleeps 5 comfortably!) and rocked it.  The tunes are coming along really well and being in Amsterdam hasn’t been half bad either.  What a great city.  We’re on an island just outside of downtown and it’s pretty chill.  Residential area with a whole bunch of folks living on houseboats. Anyway, I just thought I’d send a little photo that would give you an idea of the sweet set up. We’re heading back to the UK tonight.  Getting set for one more Jools Holland show this friday in Rugby!  Should be really fun.
talk to you soon,
thanks for the visit,