June 11, 2009

June 11, 2009

Hi everyone,
Well, the Classified show was definitely worth getting super pumped for. It was awesome.  The whole show was super well put together and to top it all off as a special guest, Maestro (or Maestro Fresh Wes to me) ripped it up! Unreal. He even came back at the end of the show and played what I recently listed in my top ten Canadian songs of all time, Let Your Backbone Slide.  A career highlight no doubt. That song was a huge part of my childhood.  Listened to it incessantly.  So when he came out and rocked it,  we (the horn and string players) figured out the hook and ripped it just before the tune ended.  That’s right I played with Maestro on Let Your Backbone Slide!  All that aside, the show was great and Classified is a total dude and really fun guy to work with.  Looks like I’m heading to Toronto next week to play on the Much Music VIdeo Awards with him too! Other than that, this week has been mostly spent fooling around on Garage band.  I’m totally into it. Recording a bunch of my new tunes and having a blast. Some of the drum samples are really cool on there.  I can’t seem to tear myself away.  But this weekend I will.  I’m playing down in Lunenburg at the Pearl Theatre on Saturday night.  Doing it as a duo show with my really good friend Alan Jeffries.  He and I play casually all the time and it’s going to be nice to do a show together.  He’s an amazing player and singer.  If you haven’t seen this one, here’s a video of us playing together in my living room. 

That’s about it for now.  Stay tuned.  Come back again sometime.  Thanks
for the visit.

This week’s music picks: 
1) JJ Cale – Really – It could be any of his records from the 70s actually.  I listened to his stuff almost non stop. But this week I’ve been listening to this one most.  I love everything about these recordings.  Crazy way of mixing stuff and the vibe is so great.  I’m hoping to borrow heavily from that vibe on my next outing.

2) Iron and Wine – The Shephard’s Dog – Cool record.  Like a sonic collage. Tons of layers and stuff alongside quality lyrics.  Plus the third tune has the best upright bass sound ever.

3) Jenn Grant – Echoes – I was really excited to hear this when it came out and it didn’t disappoint at all.  Again, great sounds going on all over the place.  Plus she’s a pretty amazing singer.  Check it out.  She lives in Halifax and is a sweet lady.