May 4th, 2009

May 4, 2009

Hi folks,
This week has been pretty mellow, which has been great.  Mostly getting ready for this show I’ve got coming in Halifax this weekend.  Friday night, at the Paragon.  Rehearsing and getting ready to rip the electric guitar.  I’m thinking that my electric is going to be the axe of choice for the night.  Pretty pumped.  I’ll attach a photo of the spot where the rehearsals have been going down. 

I’m lucky to get to play with the folks I do.  I was thinking you should really check out their stuff too.  They do lots of other stuff other than playing with me.  Josh, my main drummer these days, makes really interesting electronic style music, using mainly acoustic instruments. His tunes are at  Sweet beats.   I also play with this legendary dude named Kyle Cunjak quite a bit.  He’s a bass player/songwriter/photographer.  One band that he is in that I’m really digging these days is The Olympic Symphonium.  You can check them out at  Anyway, I just thought I’d pass that on.  I hope you dig it.  I’ll pass on some other stuff in a couple weeks. It’s been nice to be home.  The weather has been wicked to boot.   I hope you’re all enjoying spring so far.
Talk to you soon,
Thanks for the visit.

This week’s music picks (other than Joshua Van Tassel and The Olympic
1. Solomon Burke – Rock ‘N Soul
2. Buddy Holly –  Buddy Holly Lives (20 Golden Hits)
3. Paul and Linda McCartney – Ram