October 26, 2011

The sounds of Paul Simon and Jack Johnson aren’t that far away during David Myles’ folk walk down memory lane, but that’s okay: who doesn’t like a little nostalgia every once in a while?

Besides, there’s more than just traditional folk and rock on Into the Sun, the Nova Scotia-based guitarist’s sixth album. He teams up, for the second time in his career, with Canadian hip-hop artist Classified to prove that even folk artists can transition to other genres with a simple drum machine and some classy horns.

For those up for some cozy listening and looking for a reason to get back into the feel-good groove, tunes like “Simple Pleasures,” “Don’t Look Back,” and “Falling in Love” may prove to be the cure for those post-midterm hangovers.

So kick back, crack a beer, and enjoy Into the Sun.